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To lay a strong foundation for the entry-level CA examination, it is crucial to have the backing of the best teachers for the CA Foundation preparation. The teachers listed below are the renowned names with vast teaching experience and you can surely rely upon them.

To get a strong foundation for the entry-level CA exam, it is important to be backed only by the best teachers for the CA Foundation preparation. Our dream team consists of some very renowned names with vast experience in teaching who you probably have already heard about.

With his exceptional teaching techniques, relatable examples and…

According to one research, 70 percent of job applications are rejected right away before a human eye can see them. It is not a hidden truth anymore that your resume has to pass through a system which is known as the Applicant Tracking system before reaching the hands of a recruiter.

Below is everything you need to know about the applicant tracking system and how can you outsmart the Resume Scanner.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

ATS is a database software for job applicants majorly used by HR managers and companies to search, organize, and communicate where a large…

Companies That Are Hiring Amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

Searching a job is really stressful even in normal circumstances. As the hiring is slow right now and competition is high, Companies are receiving many resumes, a number that was already too high for many managers. However, many companies are still recruiting as they were before, while some industries have spiked the hiring process during coronavirus outbreak to fulfil the increased sales.

At Jobaaj, we’re trying to help our users and readers to land jobs, even today when industries are at their minimal production. Many job-search tactics which were used before COVID-19 are… has created a platform where finance professionals can increase their earning capabilities by enrolling in these professionally crafted extensive certification courses.

Python: — Python is an exciting and powerful language with the right combination of performance and features that make programming fun and easy. It is simple, high-level, object-oriented, and a reliable language. It’s being used by leading companies in a variety of fields. For example, Bank of America’s Quartz and JPMorgan’s Athena platforms both use python, and big companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify are built on python only.

Python is used for :-

  • Web development (Server-side)

o We help students master quintessential skills to survive in the current-day market with the help of world-class courses on our platform Jobaaj Learnings. Our mastery is in servicing the people in accounting & finance world.

o Learning isn’t enough if it isn’t able to provide you with a job. We help you secure a job that puts your hard (L)earned skills to use. Jobaaj Consulting is our platform for people who are looking for a job that is relevant to you.

o Everyone is looking for a job, and there are jobs out there. But there’s a connect that…

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