Tips to Help You Search Job During the COVID Crisis

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Companies That Are Hiring Amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

Searching a job is really stressful even in normal circumstances. As the hiring is slow right now and competition is high, Companies are receiving many resumes, a number that was already too high for many managers. However, many companies are still recruiting as they were before, while some industries have spiked the hiring process during coronavirus outbreak to fulfil the increased sales.

At Jobaaj, we’re trying to help our users and readers to land jobs, even today when industries are at their minimal production. Many job-search tactics which were used before COVID-19 are still handy, — like networking. Service sector hiring has steeped really low and many companies which already had work-from-home policy have opted hiring-freeze.

Below you’ll find a list of 4 tips and a bonus tip which you can use to get the job you want during the pandemic.

4 Tips to help you search job during the COVID-19

How do you plan to stand out during a pandemic when the company’s hiring plans are severely impacted?

Well, this is not true for most big players as they are still posting thousands of jobs for their location globally. A leader does not want to miss out any opportunity to hire top talents for their companies even in these uncertain times.

Tip 1: Update your resume accordingly with relevant skills and keywords.

Companies are known to use ATS (applicant tracking systems), a software which sorts out and rank resumes of the candidates. If there’s a big inflow of resumes, it could result in employers depending on ATS to sort out candidates which do not have that specific keyword that the employer’s looking for. So, tailor your resume every time you apply for a job accordingly because it solely depends on how well you have optimized your resume. Checkout .

Tip 2: Focus on what you can provide.

At this time of pandemic when most of the working class either has been laid off or searching for new opportunities, it has created a large pool for managers to choose from. They are interested in what you can provide more than ever. So remember to be very specific regarding your capabilities with which you can bring value to a company.

Tip 3: Use LinkedIn for the early updates regarding your job.

This is an undeniable fact that LinkedIn is the only place where you can follow recruiters and reach out to them by connecting or engaging with their updates. This automatically stands you out from the masses who are still dependent on traditional methods.

Tip 4: Brush up your soft skills.

Nowadays interviews are conducting via video, so it’s important more than ever to communicate well and to be familiar with video conferencing software.

Bonus tip: Network!

Personal connections are really important due to our human nature and hiring managers love to connect. Although networking events cannot be held during the pandemic. The best option would be to reach out to colleagues on LinkedIn and let them know you’re looking for a job.

We’re also mentioning some industries that are still providing jobs below.

3 Industries that have increased hiring.

As the people are stuck indoor, some businesses, like digital technology companies, grocers and medical equipment manufacturers are increasing hiring to fulfil increasing needs.

  • Grocers and Essential Retailers Delivery Services
  • Delivery services
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

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